Who We Are

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp. the official distributor of Dongfeng Commercial EV in the Philippines.

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp is the official importer/distributor of Dongfeng Commercial Electric Vehicle in the Philippines. With a strong foundation of more than 50 years excellent track record in the automotive industry, we are committed to bring in sustainable transportation, bring the latest and innovative electric vehicle that are revolutionizing the way we travel – and be the forerunner in the electrification of light commercial vehicles in the country. As the official distributor of Dongfeng Commercial Electric Vehicles in the Philippines, we ensure that we offer high-quality, reliable and eco-friendly vehicle that can power you ahead!

Our vision is to be the forerunner in offering a range of innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that redefine mobility, reduce carbon emissions, and create a cleaner, greener and sustainable future for generations to come. And we are committed to fulfill customer satisfaction, and aims to provide exceptional service, support, and a seamless ownership experience for our customers.

Our Core Values

To God be the Glory

We recognize the stewardship graciously given to us by the Almighty. Our purpose beyond all else is to faithfully build and expand what has been entrusted to us in order that the Lord and His purposes may be elevated, being a blessing to all of our stakeholders.

We Value Family

Society is built on the family. The success and sustainability of our company are very much dependent on flourishing of our families and how we extend this familial spirit to our co- workers and our customers.

Conviction to Serve

The attitude and work ethic we espouse are aimed at setting the highest possible standards of service, as an organization and as individuals. We lead through the way we serve.


In the genuine spirit of the Filipino tradition of Malasakit, we aspire for compassion, accountability and ownership, putting our clients' concerns above all. We encourage a culture of caring among our employees.

Perfect Effort

Perfection is not required. But what we do require is the consistent pursuit of peak performance. A passion for growth, the pursuit of innovation, continuous improvement - born out of pride in what we do. Unfulfilled potential is a disservice to all concerned.


Our focus on electric vehicles is driven by our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner, greener and sustainable transportation alternatives.

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp - Your Trusted Dealer of Dongfeng Motors PH

Welcome to the world of automotive excellence, where cutting-edge innovation meets unparalleled customer service. At DAGEV Corp, we take pride in being a trusted dealer for Dongfeng Motors PH, bringing you a wide range of exceptional vehicles that embody quality, performance, and reliability.

Let us explore the Dongfeng Motors PH lineup and discover a world of possibilities - from sleek electric city car to versatile electric/hybrid SUVs