Diamond Auto Group EV Corp. the official distributor of Dongfeng EV in the Philippines.

October 18, 2023

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp is thrilled to introduce ourselves as the official importer/distributor of Dongfeng Commercial Electric Vehicle in the Philippines.  With a strong foundation of more than 50 years excellent track record in the automotive industry, we are committed to bring in sustainable transportation, bring the latest and innovative electric vehicle that are revolutionizing the way we travel – and be the forerunner in the electrification of light commercial vehicles in the country.  As the official distributor of Dongfeng Commercial Electric Vehicles in the Philippines, we ensure that we offer high-quality, reliable and eco-friendly vehicle that can power you ahead!

In addition to powering you ahead, Diamond Auto Group EV Corp is steadfast in assisting businesses run effectively and expand by offering the advantages of electric workhorses from Dongfeng Motor Corporation, including: Reduced carbon footprint due to zero exhaust emissions, less moving parts, lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and savings from high fuel prices.

Who is Dongfeng Motor Corporation? As a large joint-stock central enterprise and a listed company that strives for the development of Dongfeng’s light vehicle business.  Dongfeng is a leading provider of overall operating solutions for light vehicles in China.  Since the start of the overseas business in 2002, its products have been exported to more than 100 countries with many sales offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa.  Dongfeng has concentrated on the development of new energy business and the whole series of models have passed the EU certification – that the products have been exported to Austria, Germany, Colombia, Peru and the Philippines.

A complete lineup of light commercial vehicles will be available from Dongfeng EV.  From the Pickup, the RICH 6 EV with output 120 kW/161 hp, 420N-m torque and range of 350 kms. It is equipped with LED headlights, LCD instrument cluster display and a rotary drive selector dial. It is the first EV Pickup in the market.  The Passenger Van is the EC36, 8-seater with an output of 60 kW/80 hp and a range of 300 kms. Ideal for airport/ hotel shuttle services.

For cargo delivery vans, Dongfeng EV has the EV30 Panel Van with 70 kw/ 94 hp output and 230 N-m torque. It has a cargo box capacity of 5.6 CBM, car like cabin interior and wide barn doors for easy loading. A light panel van is also available, the EC35 Panel Van has a power of 60 kW/80 hp and 200 N-m of torque, strengthened chassis for greater load with 5.1 CBM cargo box space and 300 kms range.

For Light Duty Cab and Chassis, there is the Light cab & chassis the EC31 with a power of 60 kW/80 hp and 200 N-m of torque, strengthened chassis for greater a arrange of 300 kms. The medium sized C&C is the EV35, able to carry a payload of 1,650kg and has a range of 280 kms., thru its 100kW/134 hp motor delivering 230 N-m of torque. The bigger C&C is the EV45 capable of carrying a payload of 2,200kg. It has a power of 120 kW/161 hp, 320 N-m torque and a range of 350 kms. It has keyless entry, power windows and LCD instrument cluster display. These C&Cs can be configured with aluminum box or other body applications.

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp. is dedicated to helping its dealers and customers with all of their after-sales needs, from having spare parts available in its distributor parts depot to providing nationwide technical support by mechanics who have been trained by Dongfeng Motors Corp. to work on electric vehicles.

Diamond Auto Group EV Corp. also uses this opportunity to announce the opening of a Dongfeng EV flagship dealership in San Isidro, Cainta Rizal, along the Marcos Highway this coming September.  For any inquiries, call us at 02 82441544.

Join us in embracing the future of light commercial vehicles and experience the power of electric mobility.  Together, let us drive towards a greener and cleaner future.